Right questions task

My new experiment that I’m polishing and working on while giving it to different people and getting in interesting discussions and mind twisters!

So do it step by step, if you read the next one, it’s just not gonna be so effective and you will switch to a different thinking mode.

Meditation or sitting for a bit in silence/with some relaxing music will help so you are in a more positive and creative space.

Now, the task…

Imagine you are meeting the possible ‘partner for life’ person and you’ve got couple of them lined up and you are allowed to ask 10 questions that are really important to you. But let’s dig a bit deeper, let’s say that questions about Yes or No for kids is already done and that you are in the same religion and maybe even like the same kind of music.

Think about deeper soul kind of space questions you’d ask. Like what makes you alive?

Why do you wake up in the morning?

Do you think you are aligned with your life’s purpose?

Why do you think we are here on this planet?

A bit of unicorn style questions that might not have one answer… but that can tell a lot.

So go, set yourself a timer, maybe 10 to 20 minutes to write down the questions. You can write more than that, but think deep. Think from your heart and soul space.

When you have done, continue reading:








So we all know people come and go, relationships can have white dress wedding days and cried souls divorce signing papers moments. It can be fun, it can be tough. But the only person, only one who is gonna be there always with yourself is YOU. How many dates have you had with yourself? How many hours have you spent with yourself to get to know yourself?

Give yourself that gift of the presence with yourself and do this:

Now, get some paper  and answer these questions for yourself. All, honestly and as much in detail as you can.


Share if you want to, share if you find something new, if you discover an interesting thing about yourself.


Some of my questions:

What’s your life’s purpose, why do you like being alive and what pushes you out of the bed in the morning?

Why do you do the things you do?

How do you make/keep yourself happy?

How do you overcome difficult situations?

How do you express love, frustration, anger?

What’s beyond happiness?

Where would you like to spend all your life if money, time, space wouldn’t be an issue? Why are you not there yet?

Which place would it be, how would your lifestyle be? Your daily routine 🙂

What are the things you don’t compromise on?

Do you like gardening?

Could you be silent with me?

Can we go to India together?

How do you feel most loved? Why?

How/when do you feel taken advantage of? Why?

How do you take care of yourself?

What hurt you deeply and why?

What made the biggest impact on your life?

How do you adapt to changes

What if your plans don’t work out, how do you react?

What could you teach me?

What’s the most exciting place, experience, thing you’d like to share with me?

What do you want to try, experience in the future?

What’s your view on the system of education and banking?

What’s the next big thing?

It’s random, I just wrote them down as I did in my journal. Now, time to write down the answers 🙂



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