Fast. Dry Fast. Break the fast.

Came back to Panama and since my amazing flatmate Marce is on keto diet, I thought I should learn too! More or less a week of keto and I’ve been wanting to try the dry fast like for the past few months, but never had the chance since cooking vegan food for the lunch boxes involves tasting food and often the events and this and that. So I thought enough of the excuses and since the moon was also perfect for it – I was like, I’m gonna do it!!!!

Check out more about the moon phases and fasting here: Ekadashi.

So I had my dinner on Thursday, then all day fast on Friday with a little bit of water since I was preparing for the dry fast on Saturday. Hunger wasn’t an issue so much, more like the lack of energy, not to mention I was down with the flu for the past week, but I really, really wanted to do it. Why? Well, they say that fasting rejuvenates body, that healthy cells eat the half alive ones or dead ones and on the dry fast body produces water inside of it which is the highest quality one ever and… also new stem cells can be produced.. and many more things that I mostly learnt while fasting as watching youtube and listening to podcasts was the only exercise I was able to do. Check out more about different fasts here: 4 different Fasts

So Friday went smooth, not too easy at a night out without any food and drink, but you know, once you’re committed, nobody can feed you a thing on a fast!

Saturday was a no food no drink day, there’re two types of dry fasts – one would be not drinking anything, the other, no drinking anything and no contact with water, well, since I was going to the beach was not an option for me.

I wouldn’t say that I felt my best, but I was able to hang out at the beach, jump in a bad handstand for a picture and then hike to waterfalls – to be honest, I thought I won’t make it. The only side effect was a bit of dizziness. No hunger whatsoever – and I suppose it’s because of a keto diet a week before, no sugar – no craving.

In the evening I felt like my heart is gonna jump out of my chest, not because of a fast heartbeat but because of how strongly I could feel it. Not comfortable, checked the heart rate and it was in a normal resting pace. What I read the next morning was that it happens because of the lack of water & salt and something called electrolytes. And it’s a normal thing while fasting, so I wasn’t too worried but it made me uncomfortable.

One idea was to go completely dry fast meaning not touching water all Sunday, but since I was a bit worried about the heart, I thought, ok, next time. I started drinking water and kept watching videos of how to break the fast – one of my main suggestions – don’t even do a fast if you don’t know how to break it – this guy is brilliant and explains it for many different diets as well: How to break a dry fast.

So for me, I had to drink a little bit of water with one hour interval and I wouldn’t say that it changed a lot in how I felt. In 4th hour I had to drink a glass of water with 1/4 tbs of Himalayan salt ( to get those electrolytes/sodium back) and that was a game changer, instantly I felt better, more clear mind, like alive again! So this was one of the great lessons I learnt –  I do need salt and I need to dig deeper to learn more about electrolytes and how to make sure I’m having enough of them.

And then a Chayote soup for dinner, plain, blended, like baby food 🙂 Super yummy and I so appreciated the taste, texture and pleasure of eating again.

So they suggest to do this max every 3 months and next time I’m going hard core dry fast, no beach or shower!

My mini learnings:

there are so many hidden things that can break your fast: for example if you toothpaste has corn in it or coconut oil or any other edible, who on earth would have thought that?!

No fruit after fasting – I always thought a nice slice of papaya would be the best, but not.

Cold brew coffee doesn’t break a fast (I’m not talking about water fast/dry fast) so we are on brewing mission now for our home!

Give yourself as much rest as needed and don’t plan things for the fasting day, fast your brain and keep more into meditation mode for the day, sleep, rest, read, watch videos, podcasts.

Future plans: keep going with intermittent fasting ( 16h no food, 8h window to have meals) as it just gives so much energy in the morning for whatever I need to do ( was super hard this morning since I only had the Chayote soup last night, ok and a bit of a keto cake)

Have one liquid fast day a week or only dinner kind of fast day. And eventually do a dry fast again.

Spiritual side of this: your body becomes less of a problem, no need to think what should I eat and where and what time and is it vegan or keto or whatever, no need to pee so often, no uncomfortable feeling in stomach or anything else going on there. So you basically have more energy to focus on the things that you want to achieve, also your body is working on saving energy so the thought train becomes less active. I had hard times though with sitting in meditation and yoga since I felt super weak ( I think it was a combination of the flu that I had had as I had never been so weak that I had to sleep all day).

Now, Monday, after fast day – woke up energetic, but won’t say that 100% but did my power walk for my heart, yoga & breathing & meditation and then again felt that not so focused mood – so sodium or electrolytes and went to get some coconut water and also some good quality water that has minerals in it. Definitely more mindful and that’s one of the best things about slowing down – now I can feel, hear and observe my body & mind better and adjust to whatever is needed.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to know more or need meal plans or you want to change your diet so it supports your lifestyle and your body becomes stronger and more energetic and less of an obstacle.


QOTD: When you reach outside of yourself for that which is within you, it’s very obvious that you do not believe that which is within you. (Robert Bitzer)

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