There are no good and bad emotions – really?

Labels of emotions. How I finally experienced the no label of emotions.


You know they teach you ‘let in all emotions, don’t judge, don’t allow to put a label of just good or bad let it flow, glow and whatever not’. I do that to, I mean I say it to my students and I sort of know what I mean, but just recently I’ve been really experiencing, letting it through me that it’s just an emotion and what I’ve actually labeled as bad is just a ball of energy and in the right direction it can be used as an amazing kick start to move either my body or thoughts and proceed with the right action. Ok, less words, more actions.

So those who have followed me for a while know what happened with my family and my brother this summer so when I was going through all of that I became full of anger, like I could seriously punch so many in the face for saying BS about how this and that move and stretch can make the emotional pain away or help you calming down – no, no, no – at that moment you could have broken my back and none of the emotional pain would have gone away. But I realised one thing, meditation works. And I know I’ve been talking less about it since it’s more deep, intimate, personal and not as main stream and normal and maybe labeled EASY as YOGA is. So you know, I tend to invite you for yoga and then make you meditate 🙂 But this anger made me think, process and speak my truth.


Another time I just got pissed at this person who would on and off text me something like ‘Hi’ ‘how are you’ and yes, I could feel he wanted to genuinely connect and talk but he didn’t have words and I was like, seriously about to text – either say what you really want to say or just stop messaging me. Then, you, know I thought maybe it’s too much and I could just get him away from my messenger with asking something spiritually deep and he’ll disappear (yes, people do vanish because it’s either boring for them, they don’t know how to explain themselves or it’s not entertaining) anyhow, in couple of hours we had the most intense and eye opening and jaw dropping conversation ever. All because I was finally angry enough to speak my truth. Super grateful because I learnt things I’d never learnt in any other way. Even though the person is long gone now, the impact is still there. Once your eyes are open, you can’t go back.


Another day I read this post about wildlife and I know the place and how much heart and soul the person who owns it loves it but their text was so plain, like wikipedia copy paste just to pass the test. So I was like, whatever, I’ll just tell him how shitty it is and write how it could be put down in words to truly convey the meaning of what he wants to say. So I did and he loved it and changed it. And he appreciated.. It’s funny how anger finally makes me speak my truth which is actually valid and helpful.


So yes, feelings are not good or bad, they are pure energy that can be used to create, push things backwards or forward and inspire I suppose.


Where’s your emotions pushing you today?

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