Why Meditation?

My first encounter with meditation was buying a book that supposedly was gonna help me to get me into that state where you sit still and no thoughts run through your head and you are all zen. I never finished reading it. I tried, I promise. I was also trying to sit and get those thoughts away, also didn’t happen.

Next was here and there at yoga classes when teachers would do a bit of a guided meditation before or after the class and I did notice that there is something in it. But the strongest one was in India where they taught us a practice of breathing, chanting and sitting still for 21 minutes and told us to do it for 48 days twice a day and then once a day for the rest of my life. I thought, ok, quite army like, but what can I loose from trying it out. And it did resonate, stick with me and showed me how we can really change & teach our body and mind to focus, to sit still and how it becomes in a way automatic, how it asks for the practice every day.

I did it as I was told and I noticed some benefits here and there and I loved having something that is sort of my time, my practice & my thing.

The real experience when I understood that meditation is THE REAL THING… was when I was told my brother had an accident and they didn’t confirm for the first 2 days that he’s going to survive.

That moment with all my knowledge and belief about the power of thought and focus I was doing the most difficult meditation in my life – every time the thought of the worst came in – I’d substitute it with a healing thought and sending all my energy to him to fight.

I was able to keep calm, as calm as one can be thousands of miles away from home and hopeless as one can be when there’s nothing else to do.

He survived.

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