Burn Baby Burn – my first Burning Man story

The story about the burning kindness

I had made it smoothly to the gate of the burning man unfortunately with a voided ticket. Even though it was a paper ticket, turns out those can be canceled as well.


I had packed in less than 4h in Panama City, Panama. In the meantime, reading the manuals of what a first timer should know and trying to sort out a ride from San Francisco to the Black Rock City. Quite a journey and everything till this point was incredibly smooth.

I got a decently priced direct flight. A friend texted me once I landed that he has a spot in his car and can pick me up from the airport. The paper ticket was handed into my hands in the next city. Everything was a pure flow.

But now I was sitting there, at the gate, trying to think of options of how to get a new ticket, how to get in the actual BM and texting whoever I knew could have any leads.

I ended up with a small cardboard saying ‘’ Looking for a ticket’’ next to the box office. My inner voice said though that something is going to happen on Wednesday, but I wanted the ticket like now-now, like Sunday.

Nothing. Nada. No flow. Just more people without tickets showing up or more of those who got scammed. I met Jason at the gate who got scammed with his ticket and was also looking to get in. He was incredibly burning man kind and when my eyes were too tired to keep them open – he said I could use the sofa in his RV to rest. I won’t say no to that since I only had slept couple of hours on the plane like two days ago. Next day the staff kindly asked us to leave and gave all the love and support for us to get the tickets somewhere else. Jason was driving to lake Tahoe and since I didn’t feel that getting a ticket is too possible, I tagged along so I don’t have to figure out later of how to get out of the desert.

Bit by bit he shared his story which we turned into a podcast in the next day. Why wouldn’t you share an inspiring journey from stage IV cancer to a complete healing?!

But I was still convinced – I want to, I need to, I must go to the Burning Man. I kept looking and while uploading the podcast (Listen Here) I came across a post that someone’ s friend needed a bike and a ride into the BRC. I messaged the guy but knowing how many people are looking for a ticket and he had already posted 2h ago, I didn’t have too much hope. Well, he did get back to me with couple of questions and soon we were on a phone and I got connected to Tanya. Her friends weren’t able to go but they were sure she HAD to be there, so same-same but different last minute things. They packed for her, sorted out how to get her there and I got in the part where she needed someone to get her a bike and to the BRC. She was the girl who got me a ticket to get into the fairytale of many experiences.

I still thought it might be a fake/fraud and sort of held myself back from being fully happy and excited. We picked her up, Jason helped us to get to the gate of the Black Rock City again and on a way in we chatted another car who could drive us in on the site and Andrew became our new burning man friend as well. Three complete strangers already liking each other and sharing their experiences in the fierce desert. And the ticket was real. I was beyond excited. I asked Tanya if I could camp with them for a night since it was already late, and she said of course you can. Got to their camp and instantly got connected to the people who were more than welcoming by not just giving a tent space but a space in their RV. I won’t say no to an AC in the desert or to an actual shower and bed. Even though I was a bit proud that I’ve come with a tent to survive it the ‘real style’. A little bit of refreshing and let’s go to explore – me by foot, them by bikes into the desert full of lights, costumes, music and the party crowd. Senses beyond stimulated, people saying, ‘Welcome Home’ and hugging. I saw the world as it should be – kind, loving, people being their best.

I’ll get into more details in other posts about the different experiences but whatever happened brought me back to the place that I know is the truth – people are caring, they want and can be good and kind and help each other.

It is a deep bound you create in these desert days and nights going through profound experiences either on the dance floor or in the temple or just wondering around and getting lost into conversations over breakfast pancakes that someone is giving out just for nothing. Just for giving.

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  1. Flibidijibit says:

    Wow! Neat story! I was working in front of the box office, and Jason was an incredibly kind person. He made me a cup of much needed coffee, and was really helping out as many people as he could in a very unconditional love way. Thanks for sharing, and I do wonder, did Jason ever get in?

    1. Thank you, Jason was the kindest soul ever!!! He brought me back but he didn’t get a ticket but it was quite a journey for him to share his life changing story on the podcast and to remember that we’re here with a purpose. Thanks for reading 🙂

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