It’s expensive to be poor. Why?

During the past few weeks I’ve been balancing between my scarcity and worry thoughts about running out of money — which comes as an old belief from my childhood, with mixture of affirmations, feeling abundant and focusing on what I can give, how can I serve.

Result? I now see how expensive it is to be poor.

You waste your time to find the cheapest thing/service/way of doing things.

I’ve been literally spending days to find the cheapest flights where I could still get decent checked in luggage etc. And I’m talking about economy class flights, just trying to find the decent airline and normal flight time. If I had just $200 to spend more on it, I would have booked and paid in 5min. So my loss I’d say is 3 days.

You contract and think on a short term or fast gain goals.

My brain goes into the mode of — let’s find some job where I can get quick money and cover these unexpected expenses and let’s just do it for whoever gives the most $$$. I forget about my gifts, my souls calling, my whatever other gifts I have and could share and just focus on $. When I actually did ”inhale and exhale” and did math, I realized my short term $$$ project would actually cost me more and approximately an extra month of my life.

You start operating on ”material” plane not experience and ”building memories plane”.

I started seeing just prices, just how expensive or cheap something is and thinking how I am spending, wasting or not using my money wisely. Instead of seeing if I actually need the thing or service or if it actually gives an amazing experience with my family or friends, something I’ll remember for a lifetime.

You start doing NOTHING.

You go into the mindset of there’s not for everyone and most likely it’s because the government is horrible, the people are ripping each other off and bad things happen all the time. AAAAAAAAAA, even writing this makes me wanna scream of how wrong this is and how easy to victimize yourself and just do nothing.

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