Enjoying the process instead of the main goal, is that possible?

I’ve just finished my first book, first insights?

Becoming a Human again

My first idea about writing a book was when I was 16, I imagined going to Crimea on a train with a great camera and hiking and then writing about this experience. Or maybe do the trans-Siberian train and write while on the train. Maybe cheesy, maybe wishful thinking but those were my first dreams of writing.





Then later I started with short Instagram posts but I was very afraid to write longer. Afraid to make mistakes as I was a non-native speaker and besides I was teaching English so I wanted to be perfect.

  • once you get used to writing it becomes really easy
  • learning new ways to express yourself makes you a better communicator
  • when you learn to love your writing and what you are making, it’s easy to market your book
  • looking at your life from a side gives you insights into what you need to change or improve

What about the writers’ block? I had it a couple of times but I think it was meant to be there. Once when procrastinating I found the perfect outline for my book. Another time when I wrote what I thought was a really bad trash chapter turned out to be one of the best ones. When you enjoy and love the process it is way easier to overcome that.

Deadlines. I felt mine needs to be mid-December and as within the book being finished, and it is. Now the publishing part which I am very excited about. I can’t wait to see my book in print and hold it in my hands.

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