Aloha, if you are here, you are most likely on the journey to your inner space. Exploring, trying to understand, maybe you’ve just realized – you are enternal and that so many things just lost their meaning. However, you do want to live both – fullfilled life here and fullfill your inner space.


That’s why I’m here – to show you a bit of light, allow you to have fun and if needed – give a helping hand out of some pit that wasn’t actually that deep.

I am a human too. I’ve been there – in the depressed mood for months thinking that this life is not worth living, at least not for me. I’ve been looking for spirituality in different religions, plant medicine, yoga practices, dance and listening to countless gurus and reading all the books I’d think have the answer.

Well, as they say – I found it in me. If I wake up in the morning with the feeling I want to live, it’s enough to go and do everything that the day has for me. If you’d like to know more about my story, go ahead and listen to one of my solo episodes:

My Story Depression Intuition

Working with me means:

  • using all what you’ve learnt to keep growing
  • establishing powerful habits
  • learn to ask the right questions
  • create best case scenarios for your life

What I expect from you:

  • dedication – scheduled time for your growth
  • practicing new habits
  • willingness to do the work
  • being open and honest to yourself

What’s included:

  • bi-weekly coaching calls with me
  • personal action plan
  • monthly, weekly, daily tasks for growth
  • access to my private FB group for community, support and group calls

Learn more by booking a call  Intro Call