I am Monta and this is the space where I share how you can practice mindfulness while travelling and how important the environment and creating the right atmosphere is to become more aware of your higher self.

My conscious journey began years ago when I stumbled across a book called ”Be Here Now” by Baba Ram Dass. I was at one of my first yoga classes at a Lokah Yoga in Whistler, Canada and the teacher was reading from it something that deeply touched my heart. The rest – the rest was a big snowball effect of experimenting with plant medicine Iboga, diving into the realms of meditation and yoga and never stopping to read and see what’s behind the next corner.

I found it rather easy to find the happiness and joy but I had touched the realms way deeper than that – the bliss, the gratitude where the tears flow down your face and you know everything is perfect as it is, the flow and wonder that suddenly hits you and you can’t think of a place more miraculous than this earth.

From manifestation to purely listening to my intuition I navigate through days and nights on this beautiful planet, calling every inch home and trying to be in the flow state as often as possible to allow things come to me.

Feel free to get in touch & share your story. I am always curious of what a fellow human being has done with their existence.

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