From the meditation highs in India to lows of depression in Panama. All me. Learning through accepting whatever I need to experience in this existence.

My journey

… been wild. Born and raised in Latvia I always longed to explore the world. First by curiosity to see koala bears in a real world I ran into a travel agency asking how much is a ticket to Australia – the lady kindly said around $1000, my mother was earning $50 a month at that time. But it never put me down.

I imagined visiting everywhere. Exploring, adventuring and experiencing. So I started with volunteering abroad, working as an au-pair, getting in jobs that I needed to run away from and those that I never wanted to leave. From Europe to Canada, Asia and now Latin America it has never been short of an adventure. See more on my Instagram page: ommmsome



Retreats –  stepping your feet in the forest and forgetting about your shoes, perfect clothes, instagram feed and never ending to do lists. They are never gonna be done. But we can do – nothing. We can spend a day with ourselves, in silence, simply being or experiencing ourselves through arts, thai massage, yoga, meditation and plant based food. Simple things – amazing results!